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CPRE East of England


Robin Burkitt Alison Greenwood Straw bales in Norfolk



We are people who care passionately about our countryside and campaign for it to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of everyone.

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Hunstanton - Alison Greenwood

Evening sky - Robin Burkitt
Welcome to CPRE East of England's web site. We are part of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, a national charity (reg. no. 1089685).

The six branches of CPRE in the East are Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk.  They work together to deal with regional policy issues and campaigns. Their aim is to protect the countryside from the various threats to it particularly at regional level.  They work collectively to influence regional decision-making processes.

Regional people are listed on About UsBecause of their specialist knowledge, Branch Officers may take the lead on issues with regional significance.  If you have a particular expertise, such as planning, renewable energy, agriculture or rural issues, we are always looking for people with people willing to offer their services.  See the Support page.

*The aim of this site is to keep you up-to-date with what is happening and what we are doing at a regional level; and to provide you with regional information to assist in protecting the East of England's countryside at a more local level.

 news and issues:

Now available – the January CPRE East of England Regional Report.  For more information and a round-up of news on planning, transport, environmental and infrastructure issues please click here

Stand up for the countryside:

A manifesto for the 2015 General Election

CPRE’s manifesto sets out our priorities for the next Government under three themes:

·       the right housing in the right places

·       the right infrastructure for the right reasons

·       a beautiful countryside to sustain us all

For more information, click here

CPRE launches Save Our Countryside Charter

England’s countryside is beautiful, irreplaceable and finite. Yet increasingly it is being destroyed by badly planned developments, while local communities are left powerless to protect the places they love.

We must stand together to safeguard our countryside!  Get involved: see CPRE’s Save Our Countryside Charter here.  Sign the Charter here

CPRE has launched a Transport Toolkit website which provides practical ideas on helping communities improve walking, cycling, car sharing or public transport where they live. No matter what your ambitions, there are ideas from small to big.  Find out more at http://www.transporttoolkit.org.uk/.

*The Campaign to Protect Rural England exists to promote the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country.

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